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In fact, I only had one chocolate, which was the case because of me and my family, polishing off all the chocolates, mainly brothers, and only one chocolate was there, so I had to cut that into small pieces and spread that all over the plate thinking that, you know, the many chocolates put together to have, so I precisely remember that meeting was something special and then I think my family realised that she wasn't a journalist; the body language says it all.

Sachin Tendulkar's exclusive interview with India Today

And that century at Perth on your first tour to Australia was special. It was the last Test and the ball really zipped through. Why do you not play T20 for India?

So I continued bowling and that continued, you know, even in the nets because when I played for India, for almost the first years of my career. You know, I still feel embarrassed with television cameras around me.

A ride with Sachin

I did not want to be a liability just because I wanted to play. And what kills me is that you had the ability to do exactly that — if Yuvraj could, Laxman could, and Dravid could, so could you.

Why then are you forever, and shamelessly, asking or accepting favours from the government? It was a personal thing and my fiancee and I refused.

And he was thrilled to have it finally come true. How do you manage to stay so grounded and humble after all this success?

Would you say that this has something do with the depletion of fast bowling stock? When Sara was born, I was at Anjali's house or which is like 50 metres away from the hospital and I was with very dear friend of mine, my childhood friend Sunil Harse.

If anybody can get him to answer these questions, I hereby publicly undertake to buy anybody a drink. I think it's so important for every girl child to dream, that she can become somebody big in life and bring laurels to our nation.

I injured my toe in England and was advised a complete four-week rest. But do you sometimes miss the Sachin of old, the thrill of cutting loose, seeing the fear in the eye of the bowler?

A home of his own has been one of Tendulkar's special dreams. And there is another that the master blaster doesn't speak of much: But your game has noticeably become more leg-oriented, even in one-day cricket where fielders are more evenly distributed.

Sachin Tendulkar Interview: the master opens up on past, present and future

I enjoyed playing tennis, I enjoyed watching tennis but always was in love with cricket, and cricket would always be my first love. How do you handle pressure at the highest level? We were thinking differently and if our captain has to go out in the middle and take his team and want them to play the way I want to play cricket, then I get to have players which I want, which did not happen.

Your private life, I think, should be yours. There are days I go all out. Inmy body was not fit for the rigours of T They would take large portion in their plates and then it would be passed on to us. I have values I inherited from my father. The bounce was inconsistent throughout.

Top 10 questions and Sachin's reply

And a major problem then was with Sourav [Ganguly], who was actually instrumental in bringing Greg Chappell as a coach for the Indian Team. Even if I was playing under my building, it was enjoyable and a lot of fun. Yet, not once in your life have you ever taken a stand on any issue — not even on sporting ones.

So Sachin, here are my 10 questions: In fact, I have been thinking about it for some time. Even 10 days after a match, I would still be thinking about why this happened and why that happened, and it started affecting me as a person.

After study one has a lot of time for cricket. Recently you expressed your disappointment over missing out on a double-century and it became a big controversy.

I haven’t travelled in a Mumbai local since 1988, says Sachin

That pulled six off Andrew Caddick had your stamp all over it. Only then can we be counted as one of the top teams in the world. Colin Miller was bowling to a seven-two field.Sachin Tendulkar's tell-all autobiography 'Playing It My Way' was officially released on Tuesday - ending the wait of cricket fraternity and fans around the globe.

10 questions you wish somebody would ask Sachin - There is only one thing more boring than a Sachin Tendulkar interview, and that is a self-proclaimed Sachin fan ‘defending’ the man from the % of the media that dares to criticise him.

May 17,  · In this interview with Rajeev Masand, Sachin Tendulkar talks about the docudrama on his life and career, 'Sachin: A Billion Dreams'.

Sachin Tendulkar plans to write an autobiography: highlights from exclusive interview

The master blaster speak. At 38, after 22 years in the game in which Sachin Tendulkar has smashed most batting records, he is not done with cricket.

Excerpts from an interview with Deputy Editor Shantanu Guha Ray. Nov 29,  · Get latest & exclusive Sachin Tendulkar Interview news updates & stories.

Explore photos & videos on Sachin Tendulkar Interview. Also get news from India and world including business, cricket. 10 questions you wish somebody would ask Sachin - There is only one thing more boring than a Sachin Tendulkar interview, and that is a self-proclaimed Sachin fan ‘defending’ the man from the % of the media that dares to criticise him.

Write an interview with sachin tendulkar photos
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