Cultural differences between america and china

Expect your managers or bosses to ask a lot about your personal life. Chinese potty training takes place in the streets. This can be an issue that hurts inter-cultural relations. Concern is not expressed for a meeting starting late or ending at a different time.

Self — The Chinese looks more at the group collective than at individualism. To prove a point and show yourself in the right even over business issues is considered shameful and should be avoided. The specifics vary from nation to nation, but one popular interpretation lumps North and South America together as one continent called "America" and counts Europe and Asia together as "Eurasia.

In Arabic countries the odors of condiments, coffee etc. Recognition of the Dead — One of the time honored traditions of the Chinese is the recognition of the dead. If it delays a contract, that is perfectly acceptable as long as the correct social time is allotted for. Typical Examples of cultural differences The perception is different and often selective: They also put a focus on being different and making a difference.

Those below accept their place in the hierarchy and are expected to listen and obey without question.

7 Differences between Chinese and American Culture

Although these two countries have similar ambitions to dominate the world economy, their culture and mindset is like Cultural differences between america and china and west pun intended.

Thinking before you speak is important to the Chinese, as is showing respect for those higher in the hierarchy. Man, it would be awesome to have a mainland Chinese living in the US make a good reply … Yilan Reply October 31, at 6: Direct conflict or confrontation over issues is highly frowned upon.

In America I know this one very wellchildren are encouraged to mature and leave the house as soon as possible, and children that stay longer than their late teen years are seen as lazy and mooching off their parents. In America, there is greater fluidity between groups with workers, managers, children and adults often making joint decisions and enjoying social occasions together.

Ironically, it has given us a lot of time to talk. InternChina — just dig in!! One time recently I was seated across from some a Chinese stranger on the subway who was playing techno or pop music on his phone at the highest volume setting.

Business becomes secondary as the parties get to know each better. Let us all be advocates of inter-cultural friendship and harmony in differences is sure to follow. In America, reputations come and go overnight and in the end usually does not matter.

Americans place a strong emphasis on speed and efficiency. And, as an avid tea drinker, I have loved the use of tea to show friendship and hospitality, admiring the delicacy of some tea ceremonies. Colombian schoolchildren learn there are five continents, not seven. If an action will humiliate someone or ruin a reputation, it is avoided.

If a report is due on Friday, an American would be waiting for that report to be received before end of business day. Many of these norms, beliefs and values, spring from the words of ancient Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist leaders and texts. In Japan, you might feel pressure to cover your abdomen during a rainstorm.

This is in direct contrast to most Americans who rarely know where the majority of their ancestors are laid to rest.

You know where you fit in the structure and you abide by the rules there. Decisions are usually made together and it is fairly common to see managers and employees undergo heated debates before coming up with a final decision.

I will leave you with two insightful Chinese sayings that I have come across: Individualism Americans put strong emphasis on individuality and autonomy. When kids lose their teeth in Greece and reportedly other countriesthey throw them on the roof.

In China, families save money as the valuable resource that it is; money should be saved for emergencies and education.

Social Structure China has a very formal and hierarchical social structure that extends to business, institutional and family life.In China, it is looked down upon to show feelings in public, but in America we see that all the time (especially in Dorchester; couples fight on the regular). A shocking but important difference between Chinese and American culture is the way that we each treat our elders.

Culture Matters. In recent years, China has grown to become a true global super power next to America. Since then, these two countries have been the subject of. Identifying cultural differences and similarities: China vs.

8 Cultural Differences Between America And Other Countries

the US. Ultimately, Chinese and American people will find they have more similarities than cultural differences. People are motivated by the same things: comfort, money, providing for the family, job satisfaction and security. Though I highlight differences, there are far more similarities between the countries.

People generally want the same things in life and there are many ways to achieve those results. That being said, visitors to China should be aware of these key distinctions. Population; It is difficult to fully grasp just how many people are in China.

Understanding Chinese business etiquette, how it differs from American business culture and how Chinese build relationships, communicate, and interact with business associates is critical to closing the deal in China. 10 Differences Between China and America. Posted on August 2, August 3, by Keith Kelly.

East v. West. Here are 10 major differences between China and the United States based on my experience in Beijing this summer.

Though I highlight differences, there are far more similarities between the countries. Cultural differences start.

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Cultural differences between america and china
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