A history of watergate in 1972

United States presidential election, 1972

The burglars were tried by a jury, with Judge John Sirica officiating, and pled guilty or were convicted on January 30, Howard Hunt, a former White House employee, was found in Barker's notebook.

Five German snipers deployed around the airport to shoot the kidnappers This landmark book details all the events of the biggest political scandal in the history of this nation--Watergate.

Watergate scandal

November 7th President Richard Nixon was re-elected in one of the biggest landslides ever in American political history. Congress moves to impeach Nixon. In the face of almost certain impeachment by Congress, Nixon resigned in disgrace on August 8, and left office the following day.

Public Opinion ,"that 97 percent of Americans reported that they had heard of Watergate. Dean's testimony linked Nixon and his re-election fundraising committee to the cover-up. Nixon did so on August 5, In one of the most difficult decisions of my Presidency, I accepted the resignations of two of my closest associates in the White House, Bob Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, two of the finest public servants it has been my privilege to know.

On August 9,the committee took the unprecedented step of suing the president in federal district court for access to the tapes and other documents. On February 6,the House of Representatives adopted by a vote of to 4 the following House Resolution Information obtained from the Democratic National Committee offices was allegedly used to aid Nixon in his re-election campaign.

What Barker, Liddy, and Sloan did not know was that the complete record of all such transactions were held for roughly six months. He fired White House Counsel John Dean, who went on to testify before the Senate Watergate Committee and said that he believed and suspected the conversations in the Oval Office were being taped.

On March 21, Dean wrote to Nixon and warned him that Watergate had become a "cancer growing on the presidency. Nixon orders White House taping systems disconnected. During the address from the Oval Office, he said, "By taking this action, I hope that I will have hastened the start of the process of healing which is so desperately needed in America.

Haldeman convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury. One young staffer named Tom Charles Huston had earlier recommended a plan, approved and then withdrawn by the president, that called for dramatically expanded illegal domestic spying activities by the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies.

Richard Nixon elected President. It later appeared that Hunt and G. Presidents and a host of other VIPs. Court of Appeals in October, Nixon offered instead to provide written summaries of the tapes in question in return for an agreement that no further presidential documents would be sought.A scandal surfaced in Junewhen five men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic national headquarters at the Watergate office-apartment building in Washington.

The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States during the early s, following a break-in by five men at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C.

on June 17,and President Richard Nixon's administration's subsequent attempt to cover up its involvement. Dec 05,  · Inthe Senate Watergate hearings gripped the nation. But the first congressional hearings on the scandal took place a year earlier—and featured an. The United States presidential election ofthe 47th quadrennial presidential election, was held on Tuesday, November 7, Incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon defeated Democratic Senator George McGovern of South Dakota.

Nixon easily swept aside challenges from two Republican congressmen in the Republican primaries to win re-nomination. The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19,in the state of Washington. However, it was not until –58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day.

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A history of watergate in 1972
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